*Your CCLI Profile


Your “Profile” is your very own unique login that you will use to sign-in to specific CCLI® applications (SongSelect, Online Reporting, Rehearse Reporting) You will create it using your own unique information, such as your name, email address, and password. (We will not sell or rent your email address.) It is best to not use a shared email address or a generic account name since this will stay with you no matter where you may serve in the future.

Single Sign-In!

You only have to remember 1 email address and password to sign-in to all CCLI applications that are applicable to your organization!

It Stays With You!

Your profile will stay with you, even if you move and begin serving at another church or organization. (This is why you shouldn’t use a shared email address or church name.)

Each church/organization with an active account with CCLI has unique Access Codes for each online application (SongSelect®, CCL® Online Reporting) that is applicable to their account. You would simply link to the church or organization where you are serving by entering their Access Code for the application you want to use.

When you leave an organization, you would “unlink” from that church/organization by going to your Profile information (icon in the upper right corner). This will not affect your profile; it will only remove your access from that organization to any CCLI applications they have.

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