Is reporting necessary?

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Your report is a vital part of the Copyright License®. Due to its importance, the requirement to participate is included in the Terms of Agreement (Section 4.3): “When required, Church agrees to compile on a weekly basis the Fixation Activity of any Song onto the Copy Report. The Copy Report shall be submitted to CCLI by the required date.” As a Copyright License Holder, your organization is responsible to participate in the assigned six month report every 2½ years.

Through the report that your organization submits online, your organization tells us which songs are copied for worship singing. (i.e. main worship services, children’s / youth ministries, home groups, Bible studies). This is not a survey for gathering statistics. We use this critical information to determine how royalties are distributed to the song owners. With each song that you enter, you are blessing the song writers whose songs have blessed your organization.

When it’s your organization’s turn to report, we will notify your CCLI Primary Contact by mail and email. Please be assured that the copy reporting does not affect your license fee in any way.

Multiple people from your organization can create their own profile and help with the report if that works best for your ministry. There may be weeks where you are not making any copies. You only need to enter songs onto your report during the weeks in which you do have copy activity. Just set aside a few minutes each week and it will save you a lot of time later on.




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