What should I do if I can’t find a song in the Online Report that I need to report?

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Our support team will be happy to research the song in question in order to determine its status with CCLI. If we determine that the song is owned by one of our authorized Catalogs, we can contact the owner for permission to add it to our database.

Here are some tips to help you search songs in the reporting tool:

  1. When you search using the song’s title, the most relevant choices will be listed at the top of your search results. You will see the tag, “Best Match” next to the songs that are most used by churches.
  2. Open the song to view the lyrics and to hear a sound sample. This will help you to determine if you have the correct song.
  3.  We may have the song listed with a different title. Try searching by using unique phrases from the song.
  4. The performing artist may not have written the song. It is best to not use the name of a music band or a solo artist when searching a song. Instead, it is best to search using the song contributors (authors, composers) or the copyright owner.


It is also possible that the song is not listed because it is not covered under the Copyright License. If the song’s copyright owner has not contracted their songs with CCLI, you would need to contact that owner directly for the permission to duplicate the song and to pay royalties directly to them.

For details on how to know if songs are covered by our licensing, please refer to another article: What songs are covered by the Church Copyright License®?

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