What is Rehearse by CCLI®?

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The Rehearse License allows you to legally copy and share commercial audio recordings and to create your own recording of songs for your rehearsals.

  1. Make sure it is covered! As long as the recording company of the commercial recording is found on the list of covered Record Labels, you may legally share burned copies of the CD and/or share audio files, such as mp3 files, by email or flash drive or on worship planning websites. You may also make your own recording of songs to share with your choir or worship team to help them prepare for the worship service.
  2. Report Your Copies! You are required to report the song title and the album so that we may pay the required royalty fees. To report those copies, go to the www.ccli.comSign In > Rehearse Reporting. The habit of reporting immediately as the copies are made will help to ensure that your reporting data is accurate and the royalties can be distributed fairly.
  3. These copies are only intended to be used for rehearsals and are not intended to be kept permanently for your personal collection or to be used for accompaniment during your performance.




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