Church Copyright License® Coverage

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The Church Copyright License® (CCL®) is the permission to create song duplications or copies of covered songs in the following manner:

  • Print songs, hymns and lyrics in bulletins, programs, liturgies and song sheets for use in congregational singing.
  • Create your own customized song books or hymnals for use in congregational singing.
  • Create computer projection files, overhead transparencies or slides to project songs to assist the congregation.
  • Create digital song files to share with your worship team.
  • Arrange, print and copy your own vocal or instrumental arrangements of congregational songs, where no published version is available.
  • Translate song lyrics into another language for congregational singing if no published translation is available.
  • Record your worship services by audio or video means provided you only record “live” music (instrumental and vocal). Accompaniment tracks cannot be reproduced. You may also charge up to $4.00 (U.S.) / $5.00 (CAN) each for audio tapes and CDs, and $12.00 (U.S.) / $15.00 (CAN) each for video tapes and DVDs. The quantity of recorded copies allowed per service cannot exceed 15% of the maximum number of your church size category.


For specifics of the license coverage regarding any of these activities, please refer to the License Manual. You may also find our Welcome site to be helpful!




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