Can I copy any song?

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All of the following points must apply in order to copy a song under the Church Copyright License®:

  1. The song is copyrighted by a publisher located on our CCLI® Catalog List.
  2. The copy is used to assist the congregation in singing or to teach the congregation a new worship song. The copies may not be used by any group or individual who is performing.
  3. The lyrics may be copied from any legal source.
  4. The music may only be photocopied or scanned from congregational song books, such as Hymnals or Pew Edition Praise & Worship song books or downloaded/printed from worship sites that are approved by the song owners for congregational use, such as SongSelect®. If you are unsure if your songbook is a congregational source, we suggest you contact the publisher of that song book for clarification.
Music from any type of an arrangement book (choral, instrumental, solo, quartet, etc.) may not be copied.


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