We make several different kinds of copies. How do we report these on our Copyright License report?

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In your ministry it may be necessary for you to make different types of copies of the same song in order to assist your worship singing.  For example, you may print a song sheet for your pianist, a lyric sheet and a projection master for your congregation to view, a chord chart for your guitarist, and maybe another song sheet in a different key for another instrument. In order to sort out how to report these, we would like for you to consider a couple of things regarding each copy:

  • Do they look different (i.e. different keys, format) ?
  • Are they stored or used in a different format (i.e. paper, projection, recording, translation)?

Each different copy (master) would be reported in the category that would apply based on how it was used.  Please click here for more detailed information on the four reporting categories.  If you need more clarification after reveiwing these reporting categories, please contact us.

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