We Have Nothing To Report.

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We understand that you may not have anything to report at this time for your Church Copyright License and that is just fine!  However, we do ask that you at least sign-in to the Copyright License Online Reporting as an acknowledgement that you participated, even if you don’t have anything to report. This is essential for our contractual agreements with the song owners.

Before deciding that you have nothing to report, please consider these questions:

Since the beginning of your reporting period, have any songs been

  • Printed or photocopied on paper?
  • Projected on the screen?
  • Translated to another language?
  • Recorded during your service?

If your answer to each question above is “no” and your organization has only used song books, then please sign in to the CCL Online Report and click on “Nothing to Report Today” located on the home page of the reporting site. If you should do any of the above copy activities before the end of your 6 month reporting period, please enter the songs to your report.

 CCLI determines the royalty payments to the song owners based on the reports each organization submits. For that reason, it is vital for us to have knowledge of your song use activity. (Your report will not affect the cost of your license.)

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