Unique Songs

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Each individual song that is available in SongSelect® has its own CCLI® song number. Each of these are unique songs. During your SongSelect subscription year, the first time that you duplicate a song’s song sheet (chord, lead,vocal) from SongSelect by printing, emailing, or downloading, the activity will be counted 1 time against your maximum print capacity of 200 unique songs.  Additional activity of that song will not count against this unique song total during the current subscription year, although all of the activity will be posted for your own records.

For example:
For the first time during your subscription year you download a chord sheet for Our God. It will show up on your list of “Unique Songs” and count toward the 200 limit. If you go back and then email that chord sheet or download or print the lead sheet for the same song, it will not count toward the limit.

Each SongSelect subscription year begins with a fresh 200 print capacity . The songs that were counted on previous years will be counted again in the current year as a unique song. Under the Activity tab, the Unique Songs total will show you exactly how many unique songs you have used during your subscription year.  This will give you a quick indicator of whether or not you are getting close to the 200 cap.

The Unique Songs tab will show a summarized list of songs you have printed, emailed or downloaded sheet music for. The view you see gives you the CCLI song number, the title of the song, when it was last used, and which user did the activity. The view automatically defaults to sort by date, showing the latest activity, but you can click on any column heading to sort by that column.

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