How do you add songs to SongSelect?

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The purpose of CCLI® is to encourage the spirit and freedom of worship and one way is to provide as much product as possible through SongSelect® in order to assist your congregational worship. In order to post sheet music, there are some factors that we must follow:

  • Considering the hundreds of thousands of songs that are under copyright, we focus on the most used or requested songs. Our current policy is that the song must be reported on by 5 or more churches, or it is a new song that is “rising” in popularity before we contact the song owners to request product.
  • The copyright owner/publisher must sign a SongSelect Distribution Agreement, giving us permission to display their product on our website. Legally, we cannot display their song’s chord sheets, lead sheets, or vocal sheets until we receive that signed contract.
  • After signing the required contract, the copyright owner/publisher must send us product in order for us to reproduce their authorized version of the song.
  • The process to reproduce and engrave sheet music is very detailed and time consuming to ensure that the publisher’s product is accurately represented.


If you would like to submit a request for song sheets to be added to a particular song, please email your request with the song information to .


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