SongSelect New Features and FAQ’s

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New and improved features of new SongSelect



Access Anywhere, Anytime

Did you know that the latest version of SongSelect allows you to access sheet music right from your mobile device from any modern web browser?  

Improved Song Searching

You have songs that you’re looking for and not a lot of time to search for them. We’re proud to say that our new search will provide you with a hassle-free experience.


New Chord Sheet Format

Improved look, layout and faster load times!

Save your Favorite Songs!

Easily compile your favorite songs.  It’s easier than ever to save a favorite song to a list and access it from anywhere on the site.    





Frequently asked questions about the new SongSelect


Q: Songs that I could find before, I can’t find in the new version.

Previously, SongSelect Classic included all songs that were contracted with CCLI, even if the song lyrics or the music sheets were not available. Customers found this confusing because SongSelect is a resource for acquiring song lyrics and music sheets. We felt it best to no longer show the song titles unless we have the actual product available.

If a song is not found in SongSelect, please use Song Search at to see if the song is covered.  You can also refer to the “Authorized Catalog” list from Song Search to see if the song’s copyright owner is listed as a Catalog. If so, the song is covered under the Copyright License. You may contact our Customer Support team to request a song be added to SongSelect.


Tips for Searching Songs:

The songs that are most relevant to your search criteria generally come up near the top of your search results. If not, it would be best to:

  • Search using the last name(s) of the authors/composers of the song. Don’t use the name of the performing artist.
  • Use unique words from the song. Try to avoid using common words.
  • If there is an active “play” button in front of the song’s title, you can listen to the audio sample. This will help you to verify that you have the correct song. (Internet Explorer will not play the audio files. It would be best to use Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.)


Q: How do I print the song sheets?

To print or to download the lyrics and the song sheets, use the icons located on the upper right-hand corner of the sheet. To align with the industry standard, the song files are now in PDF format and opens using the Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.

From that point, you may print, email, or save the document as you wish. The download will count against your 200-print capacity the first time it is downloaded to the PDF format.


Q: Why do we have to download the song to just print it. It was easier before. Where’s the “Print” button?

For many reasons, we now provide the song sheets in the PDF format.

  • A PDF document is more secure. The song owner’s work is protected from unauthorized alterations.
  • We need to stay compatible with the advancing technology of browsers (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer). You will see the industry turn away from using a “Print” button because that is an easy portal for hackers to access the application.
  • Moving to using PDF documents makes it possible for you to access the song sheets on your mobile devices and tablets.


Q: I can’t import the lyrics anymore.

An “import” function is unique to another company’s projection software; It is not a function of SongSelect. If this function isn’t working, perhaps that company is not an approved partner (API) with CCLI. For those companies who have not yet chosen to become an approved partner, their product may have trouble with linking to SongSelect. We have invited all companies of the most popular software to become an API with CCLI. They can contact CCLI and apply to the API partner program at any time.


Q: Where are the USR files?

For many years, CCLI provided a specific format (USR files) for other companies to use to freely copy song lyrics from SongSelect into their program. For better security, CCLI made the decision to no longer allow the USR file format to be openly copied. We have reached out to all the popular software companies to become an approved partner (API); allowing them to have a secure connection to our SongSelect service. For those who have agreed, they will continue to have a seamless connection. We alert our APIs of any future changes and work with them to ensure there is no interruption of service. The partner has the choice of whether to use the text or USR files for lyrics when importing.


Q: I can’t login with my Username.

In the past, Usernames/IDs were used to log in to SongSelect and the CCL Online Reporting. To streamline the management of accounts, only an email address and password combination is used to access all the CCLI applications (SongSelect, CCL Online Reporting, Rehearse Reporting, and Church Account).

If your email address is not recognized in the system, please create a new CCLI Profile. Each person within your ministry will use their own CCLI Profile to sign in. Create your profile by following these steps:

  1. Go to and click on Sign In.
  2. Select the link: “Create One Now” and fill out the form using your personal name, email address, and password.
    • Do not use a generic name and email address that would be shared with others. Everyone creates their own profile.
    • Passwords are case sensitive. Letters and numbers may be used; no other symbols.



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