Multi-Site Church – How to report

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As a Multi-Site church, each campus is to report their song duplications for your church’s Copyright License Online Report.

The 4 categories that are reported for each song are:

  • Print: How many times did you print a new master or a unique song sheet?
  • Digital: How many times did you project the song on the screen for your services?
  • Record: How many weeks was the song recorded during your service?
  • Translation: How many masters were created for a language translation?

Example: The church has 4 campuses and for this week’s worship service each campus projected the song “Holy Spirit” for their worship singing. This song would be given 4 Digital credits on your church’s OLR report this week.

REHEARSE reporting is continual throughout your subscription year. Report the number of physical copies and the downloads or streams that are posted and shared with each team member at each campus. For detailed instructions, please read the article, “How do I report for our Rehearse license?”.

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