If we already have a Church Copyright License, why do we need to change to a Multi-Site license?

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The standard Church Copyright LicenseĀ® (CCL) structure and fees is based upon the traditional church model, which is one church with one location offering one or more services. When your church held services at only one location, the standard Church Copyright License coverage for a single site was sufficient to legally cover you.

Now that your church has expanded to hold services at additional locations (campuses), it becomes necessary to restructure your licensing to include the coverage of the additional campuses.Ā  As a Multi-Site church, each campus and their attendance needs to be listed on your CCLI account in order to be accurately covered under the licenses provided by CCLI.

We have developed a Multi-Site CCL structure that is fair and convenient for both the Churches and the Song Owners. The Multi-Site CCL will cost considerably less than each location having an individual CCL.

To set up your church as a Multi-Site church, please refer to another support article, “How do I convert my church to a Multi-Site License?”.


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