If I can’t find a song in your database, does that mean it’s not covered?

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Not necessarily.  If the song’s copyright owner  is listed on our Authorized Catalogs List, the song would be covered according to the Copyright License® terms of agreement. There are many other reasons the song may not yet appear in our database. You may contact our support team to request a covered song to be added to our database.

Also, many songs in our database have the same title, which can cause a lot of confusion when trying to locate the correct song. When searching, consider using the names of the authors or some of the song lyrics. If the song comes up in your search results with an exact match of the authors, then you know that you have found the right song. Having it listed tells you that it is covered. But if you don’t find the song in your search results, remember . . . it still might be covered.

Please contact us for assistance if you are unsure of a song’s coverage.

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