How do I report for our Rehearse license?

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To report the songs you have recorded for rehearsal purposes, just go to the Rehearse Reporting tool  or access the Rehearse reporting tool at by clicking on the REHEARSE REPORTING link under the Customer Quick Links.

There are 2 points to consider:

  1. Make sure the record label owner of the album is covered BEFORE you make your duplication. Please refer to our complete listing of authorized record label owners located on our website: .
  2. Report at the time the copies are made, this ensures that your data is accurate and royalties can be distributed fairly.



Use your current profile email address and password that you have created to access SongSelect®, the CCL® Online Report, and/or the Church Account information page. This is your single sign-in for all CCLI applications. If you haven’t created your profile, please click on the link, “Create Your Profile”, in the sign-in area. Fill out the form using your own name and email address. Follow the prompts as you complete the process and you will be ready to begin reporting.

* Each person needs to create their own personal profile registration with CCLI®. Do not create an account in the name of an organization or create a generic account to share with others. Your profile registration stays with you no matter where you might serve in the future. It is no longer necessary to change your password every time you move to another church.


Enter the name of the song title, the artist or the album in the search field. Rehearse Reporting Search Engine

 From your search results, find the perfect match for the song and the album you copied.  Click on “Add To Report”.


When selecting a match for the song title and album, if you do not find an exact match, use the “write in” option.  This is found under the search bar.  Click on the blue link titled, “Can’t find what you’re looking for?”.

Rehearse Reporting Write In Option

 Enter the number of copies you have created or shared based on the instructions for the two categories.

Defining the reporting categories

    For the Physical/Digital Copies category:

a.  Physical copies (i.e. CDs) = the number you have made for your team members (How many copies did you make?).

b.  Digital copies = 1 credit for the master digital file you have saved or stored on a worship planning website plus the number of team members who have access to the digital download file (i.e. mp3 files) you provided (Master + How many team members).

c.  Enter the combined total of points A & B above.

    For the Stream category:

Stream = The number of team members who have access to a stream of a commercial recording of the song that you have made available. (For example, let’s say your worship leader rips a recording from a commercial CD and places it on a website that the worship team can access. That week, six worship team members are given access to the stream of that recording. You will report “6” in the “Streams” box of the Reporting tool.)

Rehearse Reporting Add Song to Report Example


The songs you have reported thus far will be visible on the home screen.  If you would like to edit your Rehearsal Report, click on the tab labeled “Reporting”.  Then, click the “Edit” button for the entry you would like to edit or delete.

Rehearse Reporting Edit Reporting Activity

If the songs on the home screen are “greyed out”, this is because CCLI® has already paid the royalties on those entries. Although they are still visible on your report, you will notice they cannot be edited. Search the same song recording as a new entry if you need to add new credits.







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