Entering songs into the Copyright License® Report

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You may follow these steps for entering your songs into the Copyright License Online Report:

To Search Songs

  1. Under the Search & Report heading, enter the song’s title and author, or the song lyrics, or enter the copyright owner to view a list of all songs under their ownership that are contracted with CCLI.
  2. The “Search Results” list will bring up the most relevant songs that fit your search criteria.
  3. Click on the song’s title to view the song’s information, lyrics, and hear a sound sample.
      • The “Search Within” box on the left margin of your Search Results page allows you to narrow your search results further. For example, you may enter the name of the author and that song will come to the top of your list. You may also search by selecting the Catalog (Copyright Owner) and the results will display the songs they own.

 OLR Search Filter

To Report the Song

  • Click on the “Report Song” button in front of the song’s title.

OLR Report Button

    • Tip:  To save the this step for each song, click on the button, Show/Hide, on the upper border. For this session, each song you search will display the reporting fields for you.

OLR Show Hide

  • A list of 4 reporting categories will drop down for you.  They are Print, Digital, Record, and Translation.  Click on each category heading for a definition and example.

 OLR Category Box

  • Click on “Add To Report” to complete the entry. This will save your entry and you should see it added to your “Reporting Activity”.
  • When you have entered all of the songs for this session, click on “Done Reporting” at the lower right corner.

 OLR Done Reporting

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