Can we record our worship service?

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One of the rights granted to your organization with the Church Copyright License® (CCL®) is the right to record your worship service by audio or video means, provided the songs are covered under the CCL agreement, and you only record “live” music during your services (instrumental and vocal). This right includes recording your meditations, preludes, postludes, interludes, fanfares, plus hand bell, vocal and instrumental specials. Accompaniment tracks used during the service cannot be recorded without the permission from the song’s copyright owner and the label owner of the accompaniment track.

These parameters are intended to cover the basic congregational needs of an organization’s recording ministry and are not designed for commercial purposes.

• The quantity of recorded copies allowed per service cannot exceed 15% of the maximum number of your organization’s CCL size category.

• You may also charge up to $4.00 (U.S.) / $5.00 (CAN) for each copy of an audio recording, and $12.00 (U.S.) / $15.00 (CAN) for each copy of a video recording.

• Please be sure to report these when it is your turn to report.

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