Terms of Agreement-CCLI Copyright License®

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1.1 Subject to the payment by Church of the Annual Fee, and the Church’s compliance with the other terms and conditions hereof, CCLI®, for the term of one year from date of License, grants to Church the nonexclusive rights to the Songs in the program for the following uses:

a. To print Songs in bulletins, liturgies, programs, and song sheets.

b. To print Songs in bound or unbound songbooks compiled by the Church.

c. To make overhead transparencies, slides, or to utilize electronic storage and retrieval methods for the visual projection of Songs.

d. To print customized vocal and/or instrumental arrangements of the Songs, where no published version is available.

e. To translate Songs into another language where no published version is available.

f. To record Songs performed live in Church worship services by either audio or audio-visual means. Accompaniment tracks cannot be reproduced.

1.2 The rights licensed to Church by CCLI® are subject to the following conditions:

a. The quantity of copies referred to in 1.1a, 1.1b, and 1.1d may not exceed the church size (“Church Size”).

b. The quantity of copies duplicated per worship service pursuant to 1.1.f may not exceed 15% of the Church Size, and the Church may recover up to $4.00 (US)/$5.00 (CAN) per audio tape or CD, and $12.00 (US)/$15.00 (CAN), per video tape or DVD for copies duplicated up to the 15% limitation without additional payment to CCLI.


2.1 The following rights are excluded from the Program:

a. Rental or sale of copies created pursuant to 1.1 (a)-(d) for any form of direct or indirect remuneration or consideration, whether by way of direct payment, gift, donation, freewill offering, etc.

b. Distribution of copies created pursuant to 1.1 (a)-(d) outside the jurisdiction of Church use.

c. Photocopying or duplicating any choral sheet music (octavos), cantatas, musicals, handbell music, keyboard arrangements, vocal solos or instrumental works.

2.2 In addition to those restrictions set forth in 2.1 above, any and all rights not expressly granted to Church by this agreement are reserved by the Owners.


3.1 CCLI® shall supply Church with a list of participating copyright owners (hereinafter referred to as Authorized List ) whose entire Catalog of Songs are available for use in the Program.

3.2 CCLI® shall keep Church updated of any additions or deletions to the Authorized List.

3.3 When required CCLI® shall notify Church to report copy activity and shall provide online access to CCLI’s Online Reporting website, which contains Song titles and different categories of Fixation Activity.

a. Fixation Activity is the reproduction (copying) of a Song into a fixed medium (e.g. computer files for visual projection, transparencies, bulletins, songbooks, audio/video recording, customized arrangements, translations, etc.).

b. The Online Reporting website will be accessible to Church for a period of six months to compile the Fixation Activity of Songs on a weekly basis.


4.1 Church agrees that it will not alter or change the basic lyric, melody, or fundamental character of any Song.

4.2 Church agrees that each reproduced version of a Song will contain the Song title, writer credit(s), and copyright notice in substantially the following form:

“Hallelujah,” words and music by John Doe

© 2000 Good Music Co.

Used By Permission. CCLI License #______________

4.3 When required, Church agrees to enter on a weekly basis the Fixation Activity of any Song onto the CCLI Online Reporting website. The Copy Report shall be submitted to CCLI by the required date.

4.4 At all times the license agreement is in effect, Church agrees to provide CCLI with at least one valid and current email address for the purposes of financial/transactional and license-related correspondence. CCLI will not sell/rent email addresses to any third party.

4.5 Church agrees to comply with the terms of this Church Copyright License®.


5.1 The License Fee shall be payable annually.

5.2 The renewal of the License Fee shall be due and payable prior to the expiration of the Church Copyright License©.

5.3 The failure to pay the License Fee will result in the cancellation and revocation of all rights herein granted.

5.4 CCLI shall have the right to increase the License Fee in subsequent years upon written notice at renewal.


6.1 Church shall have the right to terminate this license at any time. Said termination shall be effective 30 days after receipt by CCLI of written notice of termination.

6.2 CCLI shall have the right to terminate this license for any of the following reasons:

a. Failure by Church to pay the License Fee in which case termination shall be automatic and shall occur on the expiration date.

b. Non-compliance with the terms and conditions of this Church Copyright License®, in which case said termination shall be effective 30 days after receipt by Church of written notice of termination.

6.3 In the event of termination, Church agrees to return to CCLI® its License Kit and sign an affidavit of liability for any continued unauthorized use of Songs copied during the term of the license.

6.4 Money Back Guarantee. In the event Church requests termination during the first 30 days of coverage, CCLI® shall refund the full License Fee. A termination request after the first 30 days of coverage but prior to the third month of coverage, CCLI® shall refund the License Fee minus postage and a 25% handling charge. Thereafter, the refund shall be the prorated unused portion of the License Fee minus postage and a 25% handling charge.


7.1 This License cannot be assigned or transferred by Church without CCLI’s approval.



Notwithstanding the Church Copyright License® Terms of Agreement, the following are additional restrictions and responsibilities for Mobile Copyright Licensees:

a. The right to record songs as otherwise set forth in subparagraph 1.1e is removed from the “Rights Granted” section and becomes a “Restriction.”

b. Mobile Copyright licensee agrees to retain sole possession of all copies made pursuant to this license agreement.

c. Mobile Copyright licensee agrees to distribute a Church Copyright License® application to an appropriate representative at each location where Mobile Copyright License is used.

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