4 Copyright License® Reporting Categories Defined

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The 4 categories that are reported for the CCL® Report are as follows:

1.  Print:  This category represents the physical reproduction of a song. Some common copying activities of the church are:

  • Bulletins
  • Song Sheets
  • Songbooks
  • Overhead Transparency
  • Slides
  • Customized Musical Arrangements


Report one (1) credit each time a song is printed in a bulletin, on a song sheet, in a songbook, on a transparency or slide, or when you create a customized arrangement. Only report the songs on the master copy.


A song was printed in the weekly church bulletin and 200 copies of the bulletin were printed for the congregation.  You would report the song as 1 Print; not 200.

A worship leader created 3 musical arrangements for a song for the trumpet, the saxophone, and the guitar. Each of these were in different keys. He made 1 copy for the trumpet, 2 copies for the saxophones, and 3 copies for the guitars. The song would be reported with 3 Prints, representing each arrangement master (trumpet, saxophone, guitar); not the total of copies that were distributed.

A song was printed on a song sheet and copies were distributed to ten worship leaders for this week’s service. You would only report 1 Print activity for that song, not 10. Two months later, you use the same song on a new song sheet and distribute copies to your ten worship leaders. You would add another (1) Print credit to represent another reproduction of that song.

2.  Digital:  This category represents the projection of songs electronically.

The common use of the church:  Projecting songs through a presentation software.

Action: Report one (1) credit each time a song is projected in a church service. 


If a song is projected in three Sunday morning services, report three (3).  If it is projected again in the evening service, add another (1) credit.  Again in the mid-week service, add another (1) credit.  One more time in the youth group gathering, add yet another (1) credit.  In this example, six (6) credits are reported for this song from this week of church activities. 

3.  Recording:  This category represents the recording of congregational singing and live instrumentation during your service. An audio master and video master are reported separately.

Action:  Report one (1) recording credit for each audio master and 1 recording activity for each video master; not how many copies were made and distributed.

Example:  A church distributed 15 CDs of their Sunday morning worship service and they made 1 video recording of the service. You would report 2 recording activities to represent the 1 audio recording and the 1 video recording.

4.  Translation:  This category represents the translation of a song’s lyrics from the original published version into a preferred language where no published version is available and is exclusively for use in church worship services.

Action:  Report 1 translation activity for translating the song into another language.

Example:  A song is published in the English language but the church would like to provide the lyrics for their Spanish congregation.  The church leader has first confirmed there is no published Spanish language translation available. Under the coverage of their CCL® agreement, they create a Spanish translation of this song and distribute 200 copies for their Spanish congregation. You would report 1 translation activity to represent the action of the translation; not how many copies were distributed.


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