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Introduction to CCL Copy Report

Reporting your song activity is relatively easy through our online reporting site. Just follow these steps.

  1. Access the reporting tool using either of two ways:
    •  On www.ccli.com, go to “Sign In” and click on “Online Reporting”.
    • Go directly to OLR.CCLI.COM.
  2. Sign in using your CCLI Profile email address and password.
    • If your email address isn’t recognized, click the link to Create Your Profile and use your Online Report Access Code to link to your organization.
    • If you forgot your password, or the password isn’t working, click on Forgot Your Password in order to reset it.
  3. Enter any of the song’s information (i.e. title, author, song lyrics, copyright owner) in Search & Report located at the top of the home page.
    • Your search will result with the most relevant song based on the information you entered.
    • Listen to the sound sample and view the song lyrics to make sure you have the right song.
  4. Report the song.
    • Click on “Report Song” for the song title you wish to enter onto your report.
    • Add a number to any of the 4 reporting categories that would apply to your activity:
      • Print: How many times did you print a new master lyric or music sheet of the song?
      • Digital: A projection of the song was used in how many services?
      • Record: How many master recordings (audio & video) were made using the song?
      • Translation: How many times was the song translated to another language?
  5. After filling in the information, click “Add To Report” to complete the entry of the song onto your report.

Entering your songs weekly will ensure more accuracy in your reporting and it will take less time compared to trying to list everything for the entire six months at the end of the reporting period. However, it is up to you. Your report needs to be completed by the end of your six month assignment (either March 31 or September 30).

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