Administrator Role

Access Code

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An Access Code links a User to an organization’s specific CCLI® application (i.e. SongSelect®, CCL® Online Reporting). It is formatted as 0000000-00-0000 and is unique for each application. Initially, the Access Code is emailed or mailed from CCLI to the organization’s primary contact.The first person who accesses an organization’s SongSelect or Online Reporting will be automatically set as the administrator for […]

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Cannot see the Admin tab in SongSelect

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If you have been set as the SongSelect® Administrator for your organization but you are not able to see the “Admin” tab in the “Manage Account” area, the problem may be solved by clearing the cache.  Here is a quick tip: After signing into SongSelect, go to Manage Account and you should see the Admin tab. If […]

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Changing the Administrator

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If the administrator on your SongSelect® account has left your organization, please contact us to set up the new administrator. Your organization may have multiple administrators. Please provide your organization’s Church Copyright License®  number, the name of the person who should be the administrator and their position at your organization. Administrators will see this additional tab […]

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