Can we make rehearsal CDs?

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Yes, for rehearsal purposes for your church ministry, the Rehearse license covers you to create two types of recordings: To copy purchased commercial audio recordings and share them with the worship team or choir as long as the record label is listed as being covered.  Don’t forget to report it! To make your own customized recordings to help your team learn the […]

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Can we purchase a license for only one of our church services?


We cannot customize our licenses and services for each church or organization based on who uses or benefits from the coverage. For consistency and for complete legal coverage, licenses and services from CCLI® are assigned to a specific church or to an organization and not to a specific group within the church or organization (i.e. youth service, contemporary […]

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Covered Record Labels for Rehearse by CCLI®

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The Rehearse license permits an organization to duplicate a purchased commercial recording of a song to assist the rehearsals of your choirs or worship teams; however, the Record Label of that commercial recording must be contracted with CCLI.  A “Record Label” is the company who produced the album. For the most up-to-date listing of covered record labels, please […]

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Don’t you already know what we use on our worship planning site?

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There are many worship planning sites or programs that track your activity to help with reporting to CCLI. Although these programs are good resources to use for your ministry, their “report” may not be an accurate tracking of the information we need for our royalty payouts to the song or record label owners. The information captured on other programs […]

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For our Rehearse license, do we report every 2 1/2 years?

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No. When using the Rehearse license for making rehearsal copies of commercial recordings you are required to report continually throughout your subscription year. We encourage you to report at the time the copies are made. This ensures that your reporting data is accurate and royalties can be distributed fairly. For specific detail regarding reporting, please view the […]

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How do I purchase a license or SongSelect?


Please visit our website,,  and go to “What We Provide” to obtain information regarding the various licenses and services we offer. Purchase through our online store: Go to > Order/Renew. Call us at 1.800.234.2446 to speak with a representative. Office hours are 7:00 am – 4:00 pm (Pacific), Monday – Friday.

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I can’t sign in for the Rehearse report.

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If you are not able to sign in to your organization’s Rehearse report: 1. Does your organization have an active Rehearse license? 2. Your organization is not recognized? If you verify that you have an active Rehearse license but you receive that message when you attempt to create a new account, please contact our support team […]

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Multi-Site Church – How to report

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As a Multi-Site church, each campus is to report their song duplications for your church’s Copyright License Online Report. The 4 categories that are reported for each song are: Print: How many times did you print a new master or a unique song sheet? Digital: How many times did you project the song on the screen for […]

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Sign In to Rehearse Reporting

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To access the Rehearse Reporting site: Go to and “Sign In” to Rehearse Reporting. Sign In with your email address and password. If your email address is not recognized, please click on the tab to Create Your Profile. Do not use a generic name and email address that would be shared with others. Passwords are […]

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What are the fees for licenses and services with CCLI?


Fees will vary depending on your organization’s total attendance and on the type of licensing that will best meet your legal need. For the most accurate information, please go to and click on the heading, “What We Provide”. The pricing chart is available for all of the licenses and services provided by CCLI.

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What do you mean by a reporting period?

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The reporting requirements for the Copyright License® and the Rehearse License are different. Please see the time frames below: For the Copyright License®: The copy activity reporting schedule is based upon 2 six month reporting periods. Spring/Summer Activity: April 1 – September 30 Fall/Winter Activity: October 1 – March 31 Organizations will be assigned to report […]

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What if I can’t find the song and the album in the Rehearse reporting database?

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First, make sure the record label is covered under the Rehearse license. Please refer to the list of covered Record Labels to see if the publishing company of your album is included. If your album is covered, then you would search for the song’s title and the album in the Rehearse report. If you are not able […]

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What is Rehearse by CCLI®?

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The Rehearse License allows you to legally copy and share commercial audio recordings and to create your own recording of songs for your rehearsals. Make sure it is covered! As long as the recording company of the commercial recording is found on the list of covered Record Labels, you may legally share burned copies of the CD and/or share audio […]

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