Can we be selected for a different Copyright License® reporting period?

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Typically we are asked this question when there has been a change of staff at the organization or perhaps you are experiencing a busy season.  Although we understand and empathize with these challenges, it is not possible for us to change the CCL® Copy Report period that your organization was assigned. Perhaps it would be helpful for someone else at your organization to assist with the reporting. They may create their own CCLI profile in order to access your Online Report by going to the Sign In area at .

If your organization’s ministry is seasonal, such as a school or a camp, we can adjust the future reporting assignments to occur during your season of operation. Just let us know and we can make that change for future reporting periods.

Your report is a vital part of the Copyright License®, telling us which songs are being copied for leading  worship for all of the ministries of your organization (i.e. children’s / youth ministries, home groups, Bible studies). This is not just a survey for gathering statistics; we use this critical information to determine how royalties are distributed to the song owners.  Each week when you report, you are blessing the song writers whose songs have blessed your organization.

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