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How do I unlink my profile from an organization?

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You may manage your personal profile to keep your information updated. To update your email address and to remove your profile from an organization: Sign in using your current profile information (email address and password). Click on the profile icon located in the upper right corner. Select the “Profile” option. Go to the “Email” tab to update your email […]

Does our Copyright License cover putting our worship service on our church’s web site?

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The Copyright License® (CCL®) cannot cover the broadcasting of your services on the Internet. Your organization would need to add the Streaming license in order to stream live or recorded worship services on your organization’s website or on other streaming services that are in the church’s name. The songs need to be covered by your Copyright License and the music is live during your church […]

How Do I Print A Song Sheet?

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To print or to download the lyrics and the song sheets, use the icons located on the upper right-hand corner of the sheet. To align with the industry standard, the song files are now in PDF format and will open using the Adobe Reader or the Foxit Reader that is installed on your computer. The browser you use to access the […]

Forgot Your Password?

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If you have forgotten your password, or what you thought it was just isn’t working: Go to the Sign In area. Select “Forgot your password?” link. Enter the email address you used when you created your Profile. Please note: If you have multiple email addresses attached to your Profile, the email to reset your password will […]

Can’t Sign In With Former Usernames

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In the past, Usernames/IDs were used to log in to SongSelect. Now, only an email address and password combination can be used to access all of the CCLI applications (SongSelect, CCL Online Reporting, Rehearse Reporting, and Church Account). If you have been using a Username (e.g. user12345), rather than an email address to sign in, please create a new […]

Windows 10 – Small Print on Music Sheets in Edge browser

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Note: As of March 10th Adobe released an update to Flash Player that has fixed this issue. Update Windows to receive the new version of Flash Player. On February 9th 2016 a security update for Adobe Flash Player on Windows 10 was released. This updated Flash Player to the latest version but has also impacted […]

Adding a Campus to an existing Multi-Site License

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To add a campus to your existing Multi-Site license, please provide the following information (list each campus separately): Your Church Copyright License Number Campus Name Physical Address Campus Pastor Regular Attendance You may email this information to for processing.