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Do I report public domain songs?

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Public Domain songs would not be reported.  They are by very definition property of the public and are no longer protected by copyright law. The purpose of the Copyright License Report is to pay royalties based on the copying activity of copyrighted songs that are owned by publishers contracted with CCLI.

Reporting Digital Files

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Digital:  This category represents projecting the song onto a screen. Action: Report one (1) digital activity for each song that is projected from a projection presentation database. Example: Your church offers 3 service times for their main worship service. Each song that is projected during each service would be reported as 1 Digital activity. If a song was […]

Multi-Site Church – How to report

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As a Multi-Site church, each campus is to report their song duplications for your church’s Copyright License Online Report. The 4 categories that are reported for each song are: Print: How many times did you print a new master or a unique song sheet? Digital: How many times did you project the song on the screen for […]

Sign In to Rehearse Reporting

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To access the Rehearse Reporting site: Go to and “Sign In” to Rehearse Reporting. Sign In with your email address and password. If your email address is not recognized, please click on the tab to Create Your Profile. Do not use a generic name and email address that would be shared with others. Passwords are […]

I can’t sign in for the Rehearse report.

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If you are not able to sign in to your organization’s Rehearse report: 1. Does your organization have an active Rehearse license? 2. Your organization is not recognized? If you verify that you have an active Rehearse license but you receive that message when you attempt to create a new account, please contact our support team […]

Access Code

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An Access Code links a User to an organization’s specific CCLI® application (i.e. SongSelect®, CCL Online Reporting). It is formatted as 0000000-00-0000 and is unique for each application. Initially, the Access Code is emailed or mailed from CCLI to the organization’s primary contact.The first person who accesses an organization’s SongSelect or Online Reporting will be automatically set as the administrator for […]

Where are the top 25 CCLI Songs?

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We now provide a listing of the Top 100 CCLI Songs! To view these at, you will see a link to view the CCLI Top 100 Songs on the left edge of the home page. You may also view the CCLI Top 100 Songs at The list will be updated following each six […]