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Clearing Cache on Common Browsers

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Microsoft Edge: Open the menu (. . .) of the browser and select Settings. Scroll down to Clear browsing data, click “Choose what to clear”. Check the boxes for Browsing history / Cookies and saved website data / Cached data files. Click Clear. Wait for Edge to clear data (this may take a few minutes). Close and restart […]

SongSelect New Features and FAQ’s

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New and improved features of new SongSelect     Access Anywhere, Anytime Did you know that the latest version of SongSelect allows you to access sheet music right from your mobile device from any modern web browser?   Improved Song Searching You have songs that you’re looking for and not a lot of time to […]

What songs are covered by the CCLI Copyright License®?


For the purpose of assisting the congregation, the CCLI Copyright License® will cover the duplication of any song if one of the song’s copyright owners are contracted with CCLI. We have provided a tool on our website,, called SongSearch that you may use to research your particular song or copyright owners (Authorized Catalogs). 1. To research a specific song, […]

What publishers/copyright owners are covered by the CCLI Copyright License® (CCL®)?

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At, click on  Song Search to access the “Authorized Catalogs” list. This displays the Catalog names of collections of songs that are contracted with CCLI.  If your song’s copyright notice shows a listed Catalog name, it is covered under the terms of use of CCLI’s Copyright License.

4 Copyright License® Reporting Categories Defined

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The four (4) categories that are tracked for the Church Copyright License Report are as follows: Print:  This category represents the physical reproduction of a song. Some common copying activities of the church are: Bulletins Song Sheets Songbooks Overhead Transparencies or Slides Customized Musical Arrangements Action: Report one (1) credit each time a song is printed in a bulletin, on a […]

*Welcome to Online Reporting for the Copyright License

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Introduction to CCL Copy Report THE PURPOSE: Your report is a vital part of the Church Copyright License! Although we may know what songs are used through SongSelect, we do not know whether you are printing song sheets, projecting lyrics, recording your services, or creating translations. This critical information is used to determine the royalty payments […]

Is reporting necessary?

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Yes, your report is a vital part of the Copyright License! Through the report you submit online, we learn what songs are copied for worship singing during the services of your organization (i.e. main worship services, children’s / youth ministries, home groups, Bible studies). Your information will determine the distribution of royalties to the song owners. With each song that you enter, you are blessing the song […]

What is Rehearse by CCLI®?

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The Rehearse License allows you to legally copy and share commercial audio recordings and to create your own recording of songs for your rehearsals. Make sure it is covered! As long as the recording company of the commercial recording is found on the list of covered Record Labels, you may legally share burned copies of the CD and/or share audio […]

Changing Your Password or Email Address

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To change your password or your email address for your CCLI Profile, please follow these steps: At, “Sign In” to Your Profile using your current email address and password. Under “Profile” you will see the options to update your password and your email address. Keep in mind that password reset instructions and song sheets in SongSelect […]