SongSelect® Activity Page – What it is and how to use it

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Every User who is linked to your organization has the ability to view the accumulative Activity for your organization.

What does Activity mean?

Activity is logged whenever a user prints, emails, or downloads sheet music for a song. This does not include viewing the sheet music, transposing the key, or listening to the sheet music with the built-in player. This also does not include any ‘lyrics only’ sheets that are printed or downloaded.

Subscription Date Range

Under “Unique Songs Used”, you will see the date range for your current SongSelect® subscription period. You are allowed to print, download, or email 200 unique song titles during your subscription period.

Unique Songs Used

The first time you print, download, or email a chord, lead or vocal sheet for a song, the song will be added to the list of Unique Songs Used. You will have unlimited access to the sheet music for any song in the list of Unique Songs Used for the duration of your subscription period.

For example, if you download the chord sheet for Our God and it’s the first time you’ve ever done anything with the sheet music for that song, it will show up on your list of Unique Songs and count toward the 200 limit. If you go back and download the lead sheet for the same song, it will not be counted against the limit.

Copying, printing, downloading and emailing song lyrics does not count toward your unique song total. While we do track this in the activity detail, it doesn’t affect your song limit.

Activity Detail

The Activity Detail will give you a view of all songs that have been used, the date it was created, the User who did the activity, and which type of sheet music they used.


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